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Horny lifeguard saves the life of a swimmer, then expects him to spread his legs for a balls deep ass fucking out of gratitude!

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When determined and devious lifeguard Aspen sees a good looking pool user (Nic Sahara) in trouble, he jumps in to get the poor soul out of trouble. Touching this hot dude’s semi-naked body really turns on the lifeguard. Now he’s feeling horny as hell, and surely it’s only fair that Nic will let him have sex his tight body that he just saved from drowning. So the hot pair go inside and Aspen immediately starts to kiss and lick Nic. Then it’s on to the bed, and the young Nic realizes he owes his life to the older lifeguard, so lies back and spreads his legs, letting the pervy lifeguard lick and spit on his ass before sliding in with his stiff dick, balls deep. The young man receives a very hard pounding, and finally a ball sack full of hot sperm down his throat. But at least he didn’t drown!