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Black Stepdad Teaches White Stepson How To Have Sex


Step dad uses his secret companion to show son how to have sex for the first time with his girlfriend.

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This horny black step-dad was keen to do right by his new white step-son as soon as he married the boy’s mother. Now he is 18 and starting to see girls and stuff, but his real dad never really told him about the birds and the bees and such. The black dude decides it’s time to sit down with his young step-son and explain to him all he needs to know about sex with girls. Luckily, he’s got a realistic sex toy in the shape of a girl to give the lad a practical demonstration. The boy is curious…and very horny. But not so much at the girl shaped sex toy, but more with the sight of his step-dad fucking it with his big black cock. He’d like a taste of that cock and before step-dad knows what is happening, his new family member has his tongue and lips wrapped around his BBC, slowly sucking away. This wasn’t the sex education lesson he had in mind for him, so he lies back and spreads his legs and tells the lucky boy to imagine he is his girlfriend. The boy agrees to pretend that his step-father’s ass is the pussy of his girlfriend, and slides his dick in balls deep!

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